Analysis Covid and Corona

The row over exam results — another entirely unnecessary result of misunderstanding the covid virus situation.

The brouhaha around Britain about the difficulties of assessing high school students’ exam results is an entirely unnecessary and could have been avoided – by a more proactive approach.

There was no reason not to allow the pupils to write the exams in a socially distanced way.

As for venues where they could have written exams, most of the schools were either empty or were catering to only a minority of pupils. In all schools there was also a huge amount of non-use of buildings, and public libraries were also devoid of users so they could have been accessed for exams.

Pupils writing these important entrance exams in any case had a couple of months when they did not need to go into school and could have prepared for exams by studying at home – or, for those pupils whose home environment was not conducive, special large rooms at schools could have been prepared.